Environmental Services & Sustainable Agriculture...

Working with clients to help ensure the ongoing sustainability of their production systems, we have expertise in planned burning and fire management, weed and native vegetation management, climate change, soil health and water quality, and supporting clients to meet environmental regulatory requirements.

Following are some of the services we can provide in environmental services and sustainable agriculture:

  • Property management planning
  • Farm water access plans
  • Weed, river and catchment management plans
  • Flora and fauna assessments
  • Rehabilitation plans
  • Environmental management plans
  • Soil management advice (salinity, sodicity etc.)
  • Scientific monitoring programs
  • Soil, surface water & groundwater monitoring programs
  • Environmental auditing programs
  • Regulatory reporting to EPA
  • Effluent management plans
  • Nutrient budgeting
  • Integrated pest management advice & training
  • Planned burning advice for private landholders
  • Environmental accreditation