Soil & Land Capability...

Macquarie Franklin has consultants with expertise in land capability assessment, who also have an in-depth knowledge of agricultural production systems, soil sustainability issues and risks, and environmental management. Our soils and land capability services include detailed soil mapping, land capability classifications required for planning approvals and suitability assessments for specific enterprise developments. Our services are often used in feasibility studies for agricultural developments and by property developers or individual landholders needing to undertake zoning assessments.

Following are some of the soil and land capability services we can provide:

  • Property management planning
  • Land use planning applications
  • Soil test interpretation & advice
  • Detailed soil & land capability assessments
  • Soil suitability assessments for specific enterprises
  • Soil monitoring programs
  • Agricultural report for planning and subdivision submissions
  • Soil surveys & soil testing
  • Recommendations for new developments
  • Drainage management plans
  • Soil fertility advice
  • Salinity and sodicity management
  • Soil mapping