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Our senior consultants

Alistair Brooks

Water resources, Recycled water & waste product management, Environmental services & sustainable agriculture

Dip of Project Management, Ass. Dip of Civil Engineering 

Alistair Brooks has over 29 years of experience in the water resource sector and established his own company (Tas Water Consulting) in 2008, before joining Macquarie Franklin as a senior consultant in 2011, specialising in water resource management, project management, water monitoring solutions, and water development projects.

Alistair is able to provide his clients with practical, relevant advice based on his wealth of experience in all facets of water resources. Providing services to a broad range of clients from individuals to agribusiness and government, Alistair has led numerous water related projects. Alistair has specific skills in project management and technical experience in water management and environmental monitoring.

Alistair Brooks_Profile 2016

Jim Cuming

Business management, Farm management services

B Ag Science (Melb Uni)

Jim Cuming is a senior consultant specialising in farm business management, consulting, and financing.  He has worked in a variety of roles in financial services, corporate agriculture, and agribusiness banking.

He is passionate about empowering family farms, to overcome their challenges and fulfil their potential.  Jim works closely with farming clients, building their capacity to operate a profitable, regenerative business.

Jim Cuming_Profile Feb18

James Curran

Water resources, Project management, Recycled water & waste product management

Dip Irrig, Certified Irrigation Designer ASP3845

James Curran is a senior consultant specialising in water resource management, water development and related approvals, irrigation design and energy efficiency.

James has over 20 years of experience in water resource management in Tasmania. He is able to provide clients with practical, relevant advice based on his wealth of experience in all facets of water resources.

James has been the lead consultant in numerous and varied water development projects, providing services to a broad range of clients from individual farmers to agribusiness and government.

James Curran_Profile March- 2018

Basil Doonan

Applied research and development, Business management, Farm management services, Grazing systems, Industry development & training

B Ag Ec, Dip Appl Sc (Hons), Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training,

Accredited Myers-Briggs Type Indicator user

Basil Doonan has over 25 years of experience in farm business management, training and consultancy. He has worked extensively in Australia and overseas in grazing industries primarily consulting to farm business owners and managers and developing and delivering farmer training. He has consulted to Research and Development Corporations, multinational companies, investors, farm owners and managers and has developed successful business strategies and projects to suit their individual requirements. Basil specialises in pasture based grazing systems and their management. He is currently consulting to 20 dairy businesses and 15 beef/sheep businesses on a monthly basis, and runs groups focused on the implementation of tactical activities that drive profit. He is also involved in the purchase and management of grazing properties in Tasmania on behalf of investors.

Basil is engaged regularly to speak to producers and industry personnel on a range of topics but most frequently about farm management capability and its impact and relationship to profit. In addition to this he has worked extensively with research and development corporations to develop, guide and manage extension projects. Basil has further experience in farm feasibility studies, dairy conversions, project management and development, project monitoring and evaluation.

Basil Doonan_Profile 2017

Lance Davey

Business management, Farm management services

B Ag Sc (Hons) University of Tasmania, M Sc (Ag Econ) Cornell University USA

Lance Davey is a Macquarie Franklin Board Member and Senior Consultant. He was previously a director of Davey and Maynard since establishing that business in 1985.

Primary roles within the company include agricultural and resource economics, and business management and planning. Lance has broad experience across all Tasmanian agriculture.

Lance Davey_Profile_August 2018

Ryan Francis

Environmental services & sustainable agriculture, Recycled water & waste product management, Project management

B Natural Resources (UNE), AusRivAS accredited (UC)

Ryan graduated from the University of New England in 2010 with a Bachelor of Natural Resources.

Ryan has worked in a diverse range of industries providing environmental support and advice. He has experience in mining, coal seam gas, construction, agriculture, ecology, waste and contaminated land.

Ryan Francis _Profile_September 2018

Sarah Jones

Environmental services & sustainable agriculture, Recycled water & waste product management, Project management

B App Sci; M Env Man

Sarah joined Macquarie Franklin in April 2016 with over 14 years of experience in water utilities and local government. Sarah, an environmental science professional, has spent a large portion of her career in recycled water management and has also gained significant experience in biosolids management, water demand management and environmental compliance. Sarah’s key skills include project management, risk assessment, strategic planning and regulatory negotiation. Sarah has strong communication skills and experience in stakeholder engagement and education.

Sarah Jones_Profile August 2018

Mick Lehman

GIS mapping, Project management, Soil & land capability, Environmental services & sustainable agriculture.

Dip App Sc, Cert IV Workplace Assessment and Training

Mick Lehman is Managing Director of Macquarie Franklin and is a Senior Consultant. Mick has over 20 years of experience in managing a wide range of projects within the Australian agricultural landscape. Mick’s approach is to provide a team environment for Macquarie Franklin to staff to enable them to deliver a professional highly valued service to clients.

Primary roles within the company include project management, environmental and water resource regulation and geospatial information mapping and planning systems. Mick has also been involved in property management planning, agricultural management systems, farm mapping and remote sensing projects.

Mick Lehman_Profile 2016

Jason Lynch

Environmental services & sustainable agriculture, Recycled water & waste product management, Project management

B App Sci (Hort)

Jason Lynch is a senior consultant at Macquarie Franklin, with 18 years of experience in production agronomy. Jason works with clients to improve the profitability and sustainability of a diverse range of agricultural production systems.

Jason has agronomic experience in both pasture based and a range of broad acre and intensive cropping systems, in addition to horticultural enterprises. Jason provides advice to clients on crop protection, integrated pest management practices, soil health management, plant and soil nutrition, and soil moisture and irrigation management.

With well-developed communication skills, Jason has extensive experience in the delivery of presentations and group facilitation for both small and large audiences. His client mix includes small and large scale businesses, family farms and corporate enterprises. Jason is able to provide independent agronomic advice with an in-depth knowledge of farming systems.

Jason Lynch_Profile May-2018

Mel Rae

Applied research and development, Industry development & training, Project management, Recycled water & waste product management

B Agr Sci (Hons)

Mel Rae graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2006 with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and first class Honours. Since joining the company in 2007, Mel has worked on many water resource, agricultural production and natural resource management projects across various agricultural industries, including red meat, dairy, horticulture, broad acre cropping and irrigation.

Mel is an experienced project manager and has skills in communications, planning and implementation, stakeholder management, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation, event management, risk assessment and reporting. These skills are applied to a wide range of projects and situations.

With considerable experience in recycled water investigations, management and environmental monitoring, Mel works with clients to sustainably manage waste products and optimise their value to agriculture, whilst meeting regulatory requirements. Mel’s approach is to work with relevant stakeholders to identify sustainable, practical and achievable solutions.

Mel Rae_Profile June-2018

Leanne Sherriff

Applied research and development, Environmental services & sustainable agriculture, Grazing systems, Industry development & training, Project management

B Sc (Hons), Grad Dip in Sustainable Agriculture

Leanne Sherriff is a very capable, experienced and qualified project manager, with over 14 years of technical expertise in a wide range of National Resource Management fields, including biodiversity, weed management, fire management, climate change, water quality, salinity, nutrient management and sustainable soil management. Combined with a strong understanding of agricultural production systems, Leanne’s unique range of skills is in demand by a broad range of clients who want scientifically sound (and practical) advice to achieve sustainable outcomes. Leanne also has technical skills in grazing management and sheep production, in addition to extensive experience in group facilitation, ranging from small farmer groups to multi-stakeholder committees. She has well developed skills and experience in extension and communication across a range of technical areas, including developing and delivering surveys and interviews, running farmer discussion groups, designing and delivering extension programs and major event coordination, and project monitoring and evaluation.

Leanne Sherriff_Profile April-2018

Chris Thompson

Project management, Recycled water & waste product management, Water resources

GAICD, Cert. Civ. Eng. CPAg. Grad. Cert. Bus. Certified Irrigation designer LTC 2051, ASP 2089

Chris has over 40 years of experience in water resource development, management and measurement. He has worked as an independent expert in water resource management across Australia, with particular expertise in irrigation system design, rural water legislation, policy and planning, and design and development of irrigation schemes. Chris was a member of the National Irrigation Efficiency Stakeholder Reference Panel and has held a range of leadership roles within Irrigation Australia Limited.

Primary roles within the company include all aspects of consulting and training in water resource management and irrigation development. Chris consults for agribusiness developments and Government sector water development, implementation and operations.

Chris Thompson_Profile July 2018

Our consultants

Hilton Henning

Agronomy & horticulture, Applied research and development, Recycled water & waste product management

B Ag Sci

Hilton graduated from the University of Tasmania (1990) with a bachelor degree in Agricultural Science. He gained production and managerial experience and project management skills at Australian Hop Marketers, completing management training units at The Institute of Management, Sydney.

Hilton has experience across many agricultural industries. He has managed farming operations, specialised as a vegetable seed production agronomist in southeast Australia for 12 years, worked as a poppy agronomist, agricultural consultant, compost production manager and specialist weed spraying contractor.

Hilton joined Macquarie Franklin in 2013 and has since worked on a range or recycled water projects, including the provision of management services for recycled water schemes, environmental monitoring and auditing activities and development of management plans for land application of waste products.

Hilton Henning_Profile 2016

Hugh Ludford                                    

Industry development & training, Recycled water & waste product management

B Bus and B Sci

Hugh graduated from the University of Tasmania (2011) with a combined bachelor degree of business and science. This combined degree allowed Hugh to develop scientifically driven skills in data analysis and reporting, as well as skills in economic and financial decision making and reporting.

Hugh has strong communication skills and since working at Macquarie Franklin, has gained experience in a range of agricultural and water related projects. Hugh has technical expertise in soil monitoring and compliance auditing of irrigation activities, facilitating producer discussion groups and organising training activities.

Hugh Ludford_Profile July 2018


Georgia McCarthy                                                         

Grazing systems, Industry development & training, Business management

B Bus (Agribusiness)

Georgia graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2017 with a bachelor degree in Agriculture, majoring in business management. Commencing work with Macquarie Franklin in July 2017, Georgia is also participating in Meat and Livestock Australia’s Future Livestock Consulting Internship, which is a two-year program designed to fast track the development of livestock consultants in the Australian agricultural sector.

Georgia has well developed communication skills and extensive experience in working with people from a range of different backgrounds. She is passionate about Australian agricultural industries and has a particular interest in red meat productivity. Georgia is well organised, output focussed and excited about developing a career in consulting.

Georgia McCarthy_Pofile 2018


Administration and Finance