Industry Development & Training Projects...

Some examples of Macquarie Franklin’s experience in industry development and training are listed below:

  • Red Meat Updates. Coordination and delivery of annual Red Meat Updates events in Launceston, attracting 200-300 delegates and industry-wide sponsorship, working with an industry-based working group. Meat & Livestock Australia, 2013 – 2018
  • Pasture Principles. A grazing management training program for red meat and dairy producers, based on a successful coaching model, which has been designed and delivered by Macquarie Franklin. In 2016, over 80 producers are participating in this program. Ongoing
  • Water for Profit project – facilitating two irrigator discussion groups in the Central Highlands and Southern Midlands aimed at improving knowledge and skills of group members of a range of irrigation topics. Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, 2015–Ongoing
  • National Coordinator of Extension & Adoption pilot project. Assisting MLA to redesign their Extension and Adoption program to enable achievement of sustained practice change and improvements in business profitability. Meat & Livestock Australia, 2016
  • Communications Coordinator for Sustainable Feedbase Resources portfolio (in partnership with Hot Tin Roof Communications). Meat & Livestock Australia, 2016
  • Lion Dairy Pride – created questionnaire for Lion Dairy and Drinks dairy business self-assessment tool. Lion Dairy and Drinks, 2016
  • State Coordinator for Making More from Sheep and More Beef from Pastures. Meat & Livestock Australia, 2014-2016
  • Producer Research Site State Coordinator – Tasmania. Meat & Livestock Australia, 2014-2016
  • Development and delivery of young growers’ development program for young citrus growers. Lion Dairy & Drinks, 2014 – 2015
  • Development and delivery of Intelligent Irrigation; water resource training course and incentives package. NRM North, 2008 – 2009